Trezor One + Cryptotag Backup Pack


Trezor One Cryptotag Zeus Backup Pack

What is Trezor One
Trezor One developed by SatoshiLabs Trezor was the worlds first hardware wallet. It has proven itself over time as the most trusted hardware wallet in the world today.

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What is Cryptotag Zeus
Cryptotag Zeus is a premier ‘master backup solution’ designed to protect your Trezor hard wallet recovery seed phrase.  Your recovery seed phrase acts as the ultimate backup to all your crypto assets.  There is never too much protection for that.

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Backup Pack Contents 

1 x Trezor One
1 x Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit

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Why we created Trezor backup pack ?

Your unique 12 or 24 word ‘Trezor Recovery Seed Phrase’ is the only way to recover your digital assets should your Trezor device be lost, stolen, fail or be destroyed. Secure your Trezor Recovery Seed Phrase against natures destructive elements, unintentional data loss and peeping Toms with our Trezor One Cryptotag Backup Pack.

Remember, lose your Trezor lose your Recovery Seed equals lose your Crypto ! Don’t risk it, secure it with Cryptotag 6mm Titanium Bulletproof Backups.

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