In this section you will find a number of carefully selected articles that will assist you with most of your problems, however please do open a technical support request if you require some further help.  Coinsafe Australia will acknowledge all Technical Support and Product support questions with 48 hrs. We take email support seriously, however we cannot be expected to solve everyones problems immediately.  Technical support requests must be submitted using our ‘Ask Coinsafe a Question’ Technical Support form below.

1. Be nice!
Take a deep breath before contacting us. We understand the crypto world can be really stressful. Its absolutely understandable that you can lose your temper if you cannot access your funds, but please stay civil. Being rude is not acceptable and will not help.  It may distract us from assisting you the best we can.

2. Use basic troubleshooting techniques.
Try to replicate the issue in different browsers, on different computers and in different operating systems.  We will start with the basics first.  This way you are one step ahead of us.  *Note we only support Google Chrome.  If you do not have Google Chrome installed, we may be unable to help you.

3. Try the interactive Trezor Troubleshooter online tool.
Trezor Troubleshooter is an interactive tool to help you fix common issues.

4. Be specific when asking for help.
Provide as many details as you can when completing our Technical Assistance form.  Bullet point the steps you took before reaching your problem and sum up all the things you have tried.  This will help avoid asking the same questions.

5. Don’t send multiple emails.  
Sending multiple emails will only make it harder to answer your request. Ensure you include all necessary information in one email.  Sorry we don’t provide technical support via FB and Twitter.

6. Ask the community.
Your issues are probably not unique. There is a good chance that someone already had the same problem, shared it and already found a solution!

Trezor Google Chrome extension has reached end-of-life.

Trezor Google Chrome extension is no longer supported and should not be used!  Go ahead and install Trezor Bridge for your operating system and then update your firmware.  Trezor Bridge is an application which allows the communication between your Trezor Hardware Wallet and wallet.trezor.io.  The Trezor Bridge program runs in the background and requires no user interaction.

New Trezor Device Firmware Available – Update to the latest firmware now.

Your Trezor device ships without firmware installed.  When a new firmware version is released, wallet.trezor.io will display an easily noticeable message.  We recommend you don’t skip too many versions to ensure your update experience is always seamless.  Updating to the latest available firmware introduces new functionality, new security measures, device improvements and new coin support.

Trezor Firmware Change Log.

Trezor Beta Wallet (beta-wallet.trezor.io) is a less-tested version of the web-wallet. New features are released here first before the production wallet (wallet.trezor.io). It serves as a public feature-testing platform providing users with quick access to new features.

Trezor Beta Wallet – Try out the latest Trezor device features.