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TREZOR Wallet Australia

Trezor Wallet Australia, partner of SatoshiLabs Trezor, maker of the worlds first Bitcoin hardware wallet.  Securing your digital assets offline has never been more straightforward thanks to Trezor's intuitive interface.

Trezor is the original Bitcoin hard wallet.  It is water resistant, durable and features a built-in-display.  Only you control where your bitcoin moves because physical confirmation is always required.  This physical interaction ensures your Trezor does not send your crypto to an hacker.   With Trezor you are in control at all times.

Isolate your private keys into the safety of Trezor hardware wallet with Trezor Australia.  Trezor, the hardware wallet that is admired by experts and proven by time.  It is because of this Trezor has become the most trusted way to secure cryptocurrencies today.  It's security made easy, it's Trezor wallet.

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What is Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

Trezor wallet is a multi-purpose security device.  It's most popularised function is to secure Bitcoin and altcoin transactions, however it is also a powerful Password Manager and two factor authentication device.  Because your private keys and passwords remain isolated inside Trezor they remain safe regardless of the computer or smartphone Trezor is connected to.  This ensures your secrets are safe with Trezor and will not accidentally be leaked.

Trezor wallet is both easy and intuitive to use making Trezor a must have device for securing your online digital life.  Thanks to SatoshiLabs you can manage, secure and trade crypto with Trezor Wallet Australia when you purchase a Trezor One or Trezor Model T.

What makes Trezor more secure over other wallets?

The sensitive cryptographic operations to sign a Bitcoin or Altcoin transaction all take place within the smarts of Trezor.  Because of this, even if the computer with which you use your Trezor on is compromised, or has viruses that would normally steel your cryptocurrencies, your transactions will still be secured by Trezor.

In addition Trezor wallet is secured by a PIN and an optional number of pass-phrases to further secure and anonymise your digital assets.  Because of this if your Trezor gets lost or stolen, thieves will not be able to steal your cryptocurrency assets.

What is the function of Trezor?

The function of Trezor is foremost to safely and securely keep your private keys and passwords disconnected from the internet where hackers and computer viruses would steal them.

The Bitcoin protocol works by sending signed messages of payment across the internet. Because these messages (Transactions) are signed using a special encryption key, in order to sign a Bitcoin transaction you need access to this private key and or your password.  Trezor is the device that safely and securely holds these keys and passwords protecting them from hackers and thieves.

Why are computer, web and exchange wallets less secure?

Trezor wallet is much more secure compared to software and web wallets that store your bitcoins and which keep your private keys either on your computer or online on the internet, because in contrast Trezor hardware wallet does the exact opposite by keeping your sensitive information offline at all times.

Further such services are a popular target for hackers that will eventually succeed in stealing you'r bitcoins by hacking your computer or the internet servers of the web services you use.

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Trezor as Password Manager

Traditional password managers share one common weak point - ‘the master password’. Because of this once someone knows your Master Password they can access to all of your passwords, and essentially your entire online identity.

Trezor Password Manager TPM works differently and does not require a master password. Instead, your physical Trezor is the ‘master key’ to your passwords, protected by your pin.

TPM encrypts each password entry separately, derived from your unique private key on your Trezor. Again all smart operations including your private keys never leave Trezor making TPM impenetrable to hackers and malware that would normally steal your identity.