About Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit

Unparalleled Bulletproof Backups

Your secret is safe with Cryptotag Zeus

What is Cryptotag Zeus ?

Cryptotag produces high-quality backup products for your wallets, such as Trezor, Metamask, Ledger Nano and many more.

Cryptotag creates high-end products and services that enable Hodlers around the world to keep their crypto safe and make Hodling a fun and positive experience in the long term.

Cryptotag enable sovereign individuals to 'Be Your Own Bank'.

We work hard every day to grow our portfolio of products and services with one goal: making Hodling a positive and fun experience in the long run.

With Cryptotag you store your backup words in virtually indestructible titanium. You can be sure that your backup words are still easily readable after 1, 5, or 25 years.

How Cryptotag Zeus Works ?

1. Write down your recovery words on the included Conversion Sheet.

2. Find the correlating numbers in the BIP39 word list

3. Write down the numbers on the Conversion Sheet

4. Punch the numbers in the CRYPTOTAG laser etched Titanium Plates using the provided high quality number punch.   Ear are plugs provided just in case.

5. Close the plates together to keep away peeping-toms.

6. Burn your recovery words you recorded in step 1 and step 3.

7. Relax knowing your digital assets can be restored at anytime.

Why Cryptotag Zeus ?

If your wallet breaks down, is erased, or is lost, you have to use your recover phrase to recover your coins.

When you create a new wallet, you will get a seed phrase. This seed phrase consists of 12 to 24 words.  This depends on the type of wallet.

It is not safe to email these words to yourself or to store them digitally in another way because your words can then easily be stolen.

Your wallet will indicate that you must write the words on a sheet of paper. This is safer than storing your words digitally, but water, condensation, heat, and age can pose a real danger.

Cryptotag Zeus Features

  • Extendable

    Add Expansion Kits and extend your storage capacity.

  • Laser etched details

    Passwords are protected, not visible at first glance

  • High Portability

    Small, lite, easy to hide and protect

  • Future proof

    Corrosion, Erosion and Bulletproof.

  • Peer Reviewed

    350 + 5 star Google Reviews

  • Aerospace Grade Titanium

    Heat and fireproof up to 1665 C/3029 F. Shockproof. Waterproof. Bulletproof.

Cryptotag Zeus Specifications

Cryptotag Zeus Australia
  • Dimensions and Weight

    Weight (Full Package): 404 g
    Size: 145 x 118 x 30 mm

  • Metal of Gods

    Tested with Pneumatic Hammering, Profile Bending, Metal Rollering, High Pressure Crushing, Fireproof 1665 C.

  • Forged from Titanium

    Plates: German 6mm Titanium plates
    Clips: German Grade Stainless Steel

  • Secret and Key Compatibility

    FIPS PUB 186-4: Digital Signature Standard (DSS)
    FIPS PUB 197: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
    and BIP-039.

Works with both Hardware and Software Crypto Wallets

Supported Wallets

Cryptotag Zeus is compatible with most secret sharing and key generation algorithms including;

BIP-039 abbreviated 24 word and BIP-039 unabbreviated 12 word recovery seeds phrases including BIP32 root keys and WIF private keys.

Use Cryptotag Zeus to secure both Hardware and Software crypto wallets.

Cryptotag Zeus, keeping your wealth safe for generations to come.

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