Trezor Model T + Shamir Backup Pack


Trezor Model T Shamir Backup Pack

What is Trezor Model T Shamir Backup Pack
The Trezor Model T Shamir backup Pack is a convenient and reliable way to securely distribute your recovery seed to protect yourself against loss or theft including successful inheritance planning. Shamir backup is a new security standard that counteracts these associated risks involved in protecting your recovery seed now and for future generations.

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What is Shamir Backup ?
Shamir backup SLIP-0039 specifically improves on the standard recovery seed backup implementation BIP-39 where by you create multiple unique recovery shares to backup your private key and specify a set number of these unique shares that must be collected and used in order to recover your Trezor wallet and ultimately your digital assets.

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Key Shamir Takeaways
Trezor Model T is the first and only hardware wallet in the world to support Shamir backup.
Your recovery seed is always the only backup to your digital assets. If you lose it then your crypto may be lost forever.
Shamir backup is a must for those that require absolute peace of mind over their digital assets and for those wanting to implement a successful Crypto inheritance plan.
When choosing the number of shares to be generated you require a Cryptosteel Capsule or Cryptotag Odin for each share.
Standard recovery seed implementations BIP-39 cannot currently be migrated to Shamir backup SLIP-0039.

Backup Pack Contents
1 x Trezor Model T
Cryptosteel Capsule DUO and SOLO per the number of shares chosen

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Why Trezor Model T Shamir Backup Pack ?

In short your unique Trezor Recovery Seed Phrase is the ‘only way’ to recover your digital assets should your Trezor device be lost, stolen, fail or be destroyed.

Shamir Backup mitigates multiple points of failure when compared with standard recovery seed backup implementations and provides the best chance for succession and Crypto inheritance planning which should be apart of everyones digital asset security practices.

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